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Where can I go to find Aladdin or Arabian themed Wedding Cakes and decor?

I am Indian but my fiance is Middle Eastern so I want to bring in some culture. I am Christian, so I wont be having a traditional "Indian" wedding. Thats why I like the idea of an Arabian Nights theme. I dont want to go overboard and make it look like a circus. And even though I want most of it to be white, I want to add some bold Indian/Middle Eastern color. Starting with the cake. But I cant even find a pic or two just to give me an idea. If I could find anything with Disney Aladdin and Jasmine on a magic carpet.... would be perfect.

Where can I go to find Aladdin or Arabian themed Wedding Cakes and decor?
Any reputable cake maker should be able to work with you, come up with ideas, and show you what they would look like. If you just ask for some ideas, you haven't committed to working with them, and will get an idea of whether you like what they do. Good luck!
Reply:For Aladdin decorations go to ebay for starters.Type in aladdin and jasmine,magic carpet,or just aladdin cake toper. There is a Aladdin-Blue-Teapot-with-Gold.. you can use that as a decoration, there is some cartoon looking stuff on there if your looking for them. this helps.
Reply:Google Taj Mahal wedding cake and/or Moorish architecture.

You should find a cake replica of the Taj Mahal.

Moorish architecture has fabulous mosaic tiles in vivid colors that would look awesome on a cake or as decorations for your wedding. This theme sounds very romantic! Have fun planning.

There was a movie I used to watch when I was little...what was the name?

It was a cartoon, kinda Aladdin, Arabian Nights-ish. It was about a Princess ( a lot like Jasmine from Aladdin) and like a shoe maker or pauper. They end up falling in love.

And the palace the princess lived in had 3 golden balls at the top that "protected" the people or something like that.

That's about all I can remember.....anyone have any clue what the name was?

There was a movie I used to watch when I was little...what was the name?
The Thief and the Cobbler (1993)

aka The Princess and the Cobbler

IMDB synopsis:

When Tack upsets Zigzag the Vizier, the wizard drags him off to the royal castle, where Princess Yum Yum falls for the bashful boy and saves him from execution. Unfortunately, Zigzag plans to marry the princess in order to succeed her father, King Nod. The Thief, meanwhile, is more interested in gold than love and takes off with the protective orbs topping the palace. Together Tack and Yum Yum attempt to retrieve them in order to prevent Zigzag and the One-Eye army from conquering the city.

Here are some videos on YouTube:
Reply:What year was this..if you could figure out the year it's easier to pin point the film..You're sure it was animated? usually you can search animated movies by year...It doesn't sound familiar to me...the only movie I know with a pauper is "The Prince and the Pauper"

Here it is..princess and the cobbler

domain names

Do you guys like this SONG!???

this is a group from the Philippines called South Border

and I just listened to this song last night and I liked instantly so I just wanna know if yall like it too

(please listen to the whole thing if u can)

theres lots of good filipino singers just like the new lead singer of Journey (Arnel Pineda) a Filipino..hes amazing..

Ramielle Malubay and Jasmine Trias (American Idol)

Charice Pempengo (newly discovered)

and Nicole Scherzinger (Pussycatdolls - Half Filipino)

and Vanessa Hudgens (Half Filipino) Apl (Blackeyed Peas)

im pretty sure theres more but yeaa

Do you guys like this SONG!???
Love Asians Only Suckaz!!!!!! Got mad love for Flips!!!!
Reply:nah not really sorry
Reply:Nah, was way tooo boring
Reply:hell yeaaaaaaa they sing niceeeeeeee
Reply:its okay...but not extremely awesome
Reply:Say goodbye, say hello to a lover or friend Sometimes we could never understand Why some things begin with just love

We can never have it all No no no ohh

But oh, can't you see That no matter what happens Life goes on and on And so baby just smile Cause I'm always around you And I'll make you see How beautiful life is For you and me

Take a little time baby See the butterfly's colors Listen to the birds That were sent to sing For me and you Can you feel me? This is such a wonderful place to me

Oh my gosh that is such a wonderful song!! I absolutely love it!! The lyrics are so great and the beat is very catchy! Thank you for posting that made my day!

Time to plant?

With the weather warming, like many of us, I am DYING to start some seeds. I have an unheated greenhouse, with a dirt floor, fiberglass roof, and fiberglass walls. There are single pane windows on every side, and the walls are covered in house wrap. When is it safe to start some seeds out there? Can I harden off my plants in there as well? If they are inside this dwelling, will they still get frosted/froze? I took them out of their insulated building today that has artificial light, to give them some sunlight and fresh air, but was afraid to leave them out all night, especially not weaning them off the warmth. I live in Zone 5 and have plants of every type, from orchids to jasmine, to cactus and succulents. I have thousands of seeds that I can direct sow, but some I prefer to start myself. When I can I use my new greenhouse!!

Time to plant?

get a high/low thermometer and put it in there that way you will know what temperature it is running at night. (they cost about $10-15)

if possible look into getting a bench mat or seed sprouting mat that will extend the usefulness of your greenhouse several months.

Any how...arrange the seed that you do have in the order that they can be sowed.

the varieties that can take the cold: peas, spinach, lobelia, pansies, petunias, broccoli, cauliflower, etc

once you know what the night temp is in the greenhouse you will have a better idea of how much stuff you can get stared on.

there are a lot of seeds that need the heat to sprout but are just fine in an area with cooler temps once they are above ground.

if the greenhouse is running cold at night increase the thermal mass within the structure ( rock, bricks, jugs of water, cement etc) this will also help it from having wildly fluctuating temps.

a lot of plants can handle lows of about 43 without slowing them down.

caladiums like it at least 70

Is this the true music of a storm?

................Music Of The Bells

Sun bells! Sun bells!

Tinkling serendipity

Circling jasmine pinwheels

Inviting flights of


To dine...

Emerald twinkles...


Before thunder.

Sun bells!

Staccato gongs among

Stormcloud booming,


Shadows shifting

Between clashes of


Cymbals in rythmn.

Silence of the bells.

House lights down...

Orchestra crescendo

Rising long, longer...

Peaking in one

Final note...

Diminishing, admonishing...

Night cello.


Is this the true music of a storm?
This is very nice. I would say yes to your question! =]
Reply:Very cool
Reply:Again, nice Elysabeth!!


Reply:Yes; I can hear the music as the storm intensifies and then fades away because the imagery is so vivid and alive. I really enjoyed this.
Reply:Ohhhhh...this one is yummy. I've got one of these. I will dig around in the shoebox...

What should i do about my boyfriend of 8 months he is acting weird and says he doesnt trust me now?

4th of july me and my boyfriend planned 2 hang out so when the time came i had a few of my other friends come also 4 girls and a boy so when i called my bf 2 ask him if he was gonna come he said no i asked why and he said because it seemed like i already had plans. so i was like what do u mean i had plans 2 hang out with u but he got mad a started calling me dumb and a ***** and he hung out with his friends then he texted me and told me that he never wants 2 hang out with me again or talk 2 me but later that night he called me and asked me where i was and then we met up but he wouldnt talk 2 me at all then we went to mcdonalds and i sat with my friend jasmine at a booth and he sat a table with his friends so then this guy raymundo sat next to me idk if that made him mad or not but i dont like raymundo eww and i would never think of cheating on him so later he walked me half way home and then all of a sudden he left later we made up a little and he kissed me he still doesnt trust me

What should i do about my boyfriend of 8 months he is acting weird and says he doesnt trust me now?
Maybe he had something very romantic planned for just the two of you. It sounds pretty obvious that he wanted to spend time with you and you invited 5 other people.

When the other guy sat with you did you move or sit with him? You knew that your bf was already upset.
Reply:he sounds psycho. They say the person who doesnt trust is the person who is doing something bad. You need to find someone else. He is really not a good person to be with. TRUST ME PLEASE! Sounds like a future domestic abuser!
Reply:ok looks like he is feeling guilty and blaming u for it... he must have done something wrong and in reverse blaming u for it, he thinks that u will do he did... my boyfriend sof 4 years was just like that, he wud call me names and swear at me but at the end of the day come to me for cuddles and sexs, he also never trusted me.. guys like this have issues and they need to deal with them, u need to tell him if he has done something he shud tell u and get over it and nt to blame u for his mistakes..its just 8 months for u so pls move on, dont be stuck like me in a sticky situation of 4 years...

golf shoes plus

Would you sign this petition?

Because people think it is fun to torture these animals like it's fun for them.Humans (well the bad ones) need to learn that animal cruelty is like abusing your child.That is why it is illegal for you to abuse animals.I watch discovery channel every day and night and I also watch animals cops and when I see these animals being treated like this makes me want to become a vet or an animal cop or something that involves animals instead of becoming a singer.And many people pollute so bad that penguins and other animals that live near or in water are dieing and soon they will become instinct like the other animals that are almost extinct like wolves which I love very much.Wolves,bears,penguins and kind of animal doesn't need to be treated like that.It is horrible to see animals dieing everyday because of pollution or cruelty.It's a horrible site to see and no one wants to see it.Well at least I don't.Sign if you think it should be stopped.I started this petetion!!!!!!!

1.Jasmine Alberni

Would you sign this petition?
Melissa R.

yes i totally agree with you. I'm becoming a vet to help the anI'mals in the shelters. I'm gonna reserve a right to open a haven to rescue them and bring them back to health. im also trying to find a way to make a law in new york to increase the punishment for animal abusers, ban animals testing, ban circuses (they force there animals to do things its impossible for them to do and beat them til there "tame" starve them and hit them constantly) and ban many other animals cruelty actions. its hard work but ill make it.

ill sacrifice my own life to get them heard. i will be there voice since no one else will do it....Peta is trying there hardest but they need to go face to face with the law. George bush ain't got sh!t on me.....!!!!!!!!
Reply:Nice to see another animal activist.

Hell yeah i will sign it!


Here are some more effective ways to post petitions.

Top choice

Sure why not, someone need to be the voice for animals.
Reply:I love animals! Of course I'll sign it.

Savannah Brown
Reply:2. hannah bell
Reply:i will sign anytthing if it means stopping animal cruelty.


even sharks r going extinct b/c of fishermen
Reply:My friend made a website that protested all animal abuse. Email me and I will give you the link, I warn you, the images are graphic.
Reply:I will.....

Kristen F.
Reply:3. Veronica

I feel you on this one, I watch alot of Animal Planet and see alot of sad stories, I would definitely sign